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Flood Warning Issued For River Rheidol

flooding river doveyThe Met office has issued a number of flood warnings in mid Wales, which also include the River Rheidol

The river, which runs through Aberystwyth is one of several in Wales which has seen rising water levels.

The flooding has been caused by the recent heavy rain which has been seen in the surrounding areas of mid Wales.

Many people in Aberystwyth will be watching closely as the new council offices and proposed site for the new Aldi development sit within the flood plains of the river as it meanders towards the harbour. We can expect up to 4cm of rain in a short space of time in some areas.

There has been criticism of a number of building projects in the area, and many have argued that not enough has been done to protect the area from flooding.

Other flood warnings include the Dyfi bridge, Machynlleth and the river Teifi which flows into the sea at Cardigan.

With many just returning back to normal life after the recent snow and bitterly cold weather these flood warnings are the last thing many local people wanted to hear.

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