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Funeral For A Friend

funeral for a friend aberystwyth 2011This March Aberystwyth is proud to announce the return of 2009 favourites Funeral For A Friend.

The last time they played here two years ago they went down extremely well with everyone and this return is highly anticipated.

The band are just on the cusp of releasing their 5th album, and this tour will contain a mix of old (well… early 2000s onwards) favourites and some of their latest music.

The boys from Bridgend formed in 2001 and have had a number of hit singles which have made them firm favourites across a number of scenes including emo and rock, although they themselves prefer to leave their exact genre up to your own interpretation.

The band will also be supported by two other acts. These are Rise To Remain who hail from the English capital and play metalcore along with Tiger Please who like F4AF come from South Wales and who have made a big impact on the Welsh rock scene since they formed in 2007.

Tickets start at £14 and the performance starts at 8pm on March 16th at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

For more information and to book online please see this link.

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