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Rare Golden Eagle Seen Near Aber

golden eagle aberyswythBird watchers have been flocking to a village near Aberystwyth in recent days after a sighting of the rare Golden Eagle.

The bird, which was last seen in Wales almost 200 years ago due to persecution was spotted near Pontrhdygroes.

The village sits in the beautiful Ystwyth Valley, 10 miles from Aberystwyth in quiet countryside.

With only 450 or so pairs of Golden Eagles left in the wild in Britain, they are almost entirely found in Scotland and this unlikely find has baffled a number of wildlife experts.

Although no one can be sure, it is possible that the Eagle has escaped from captivity, and is now using the area to hunt for prey whilst living in the wild.

It is also possible that the bird has flown over from Ireland, to which they were introduced around the year 2000.

If you’re looking out the Eagle then bear in mind that there are also plenty of large Buzzards and Red Kites in the area. However, the bird should be disgintuised by its huge wingspan which can reach up to 2.5 metres, its legs which are entirely covered in feather, and also its square tail.

Up to now only one of these rare birds has been spotted in the area, dashing any hopes that a mating pair of birds have settled here.

However, we can always hope that these magnificent birds decide to call this wonderful area home…..

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