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Guidelines For Posting Content To The Website

If you are reading this article it is likely that you have joined the project, and we would like to thank you for your support.

EverythingAberystwyth offers businesses and organisations within the community the opportunity to add content direct to the site whether it be an event, job, voucher or news as often as you like for a small annual subscription fee. We are all about helping you to promote your business or organisation and keeping the things that make our town unique alive, and subscriptions support the upkeep of the site and investment in new features for members.

In order to do this you need a login and password. For more information please contact us using the contact form in the top right of your screen.

Every post to the site goes through an administrator to ensure it meets our guidelines which are as follows:

1. All posts to the website must be related directly or in context to Aberystwyth and the surrounding area. For example will accept a post which relates to changes in business law issued in Westminster and its potential impact on the Aberystwyth area, but we will not accept a post which only relates to the changes in business law.

2. No offensive or rude material will be accepted.

3. Users who add images, documents or other media to the website must own the copyright to that material or have the permission of the copyright owner. Please note that we are not always able to check the copyright details of media added by users, and as such you accept that you have permission to use that media when you upload it the the website. We reserve the right to suspend or remove the account of any user who breaks copyright law, and will provide details to the necessary bodies if required.

4. Users accept responsibility for the accuracy of the content they add to the website. Although we will check the accuracy of information where possible, it is not always possible for us to do so and rectify any mistakes.

5. A business or organisation may not post anything to the website which could be deemed as harmful to another business, organisation or individual.

6. All events, vouchers and offer must state the date or date range for which they are valid.

7. We will endeavour to let a user know when content has been rejected, and provide a reason as to why this has been the case so that the user may have the opportunity to edit and resubmit the content for further review. Repeated resubmission of rejected content may lead to suspension of your account. We also reserve to right to remove content previously submitted should we find that in retrospect it breaks site guidelines. Please note that guidelines are subject to change without prior notice, and that changes may be applied in retrospect where necessary.

For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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