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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

hamlet aberystwythThis April the classic Shakespeare play Hamlet will be coming to Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Directed by Conrad Nelson, the production is brough to you by Northern Broadsides in partnership with New Vic Theatre

Hamlet is a tragic depiction of a Danish Prince who descends into madness, exacting revenge on his enemies, whilst marrying his mother in order to gain control of the throne.

Northern Broadsides are well known for their fresh and original approach to Shakespeare, and this haunting production uses a combination of techniques sleight of hand to bring you not only the ghosts of the dead, but also demons of the mind such as those which plague poor Hamlet.

Northern Broadside were formed back in 1992 near Halifax, West Yorkshire and since that time have quite rightly built up a reputation for performing innovative and interpretive versions of classical texts.

The show runs for 4 nights only from the 6th – 9th of April, and tickets start at £11.50 with group discounts available. For more information and to book your tickets please see the following link.

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