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HMO Accreditation To Come In To Force Across Ceredigion

Landlords of HMOs across Ceredigion will have to be accredited under a scheme being adopted by the county.

A total of 22 local authorities in Wales already use the scheme to help protect tennants from poor quality housing and bad landlords.

The Landlord Scheme Wales (LAW) works to promote and help good landlords so that they can disassociate themselves from bad landlords who spoil the reputation of the home rental market.

Aberystwyth Town Centre is the poorest ward in Wales in terms of housing and a scheme across Ceredigion, combined with a recently announced £800,000 of additional regeneration funding will go a long way to boosting homes in the area. There are also a number of properties which qualify as HMOs or “Houses of Multiple Occupancy”.

Having had first hand experience of both good and unfortunately bad landlords I can say definitively that more could be done across the UK to protect tennants. Homes in Wales suffer from fuel poverty in large proportions, and further to this damp and a lack of central heating in many properties is common place.

Both students and local residents are subjected to a huge variation in the quality of housing in the area, and this would be a welcome measure to help people make a more informed decision about where they want to live.

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