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Huge Support For Bronglais Hospital Campaign

save bronglais hospitalIs it possible to ignore 8,000 people?

Well we are soon going to be able to find out as that is approximately how many people signed a recent petition against proposals to remove a number of key services from Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth.

The petition was presented to a health minister representitive at the Senedd during the organised protest as over 700 people from all across the region headed to Cardiff to show their support.

Concerns have been raised that a number of services may be moved south to either Carmarthern or Haverfordwest leaving many people in Ceredigion, Powys and Gwynedd with a vastly increased journey in order to receive treatment.

At a recent consultation between Hywel Dda board members and members of the public the board, who collectively receive around £1.5 million in salary and benefits, were heckled by people who are understandably angry about the proposals.

At the protest the health minister assured people that the hospital would not be downgraded or closed, although it is not yet clear that this will be the case, although one hopes that common sense prevails and the government back down on an issue that they have clearly got wrong.

We would like to know how the proposals are going to affect you or your family. To raise your concerns or highlight any problems please leave a comment below (and don’t forget the maths questions underneath the submit button, it stops the site getting hit with spam comments!)

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