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At Last Some Good News For Job In Aber

jobsFinally there has been some good news for all you job seekers in Aberystwyth!

A number of new jobs are being created across the town with the arrival of new and expansion of current businesses.

This has come after story after story of job losses and business closures which have hit the town over the past few months.

In recent days it has been announced that a new pizza delivery business could create up to 35 jobs, whilst Boots have announced the expansion of their current store into the vacant Officers Club building next door which is currently used part time by the Ceredigion Museum for exhibitions.

Chain store Next has also confirmed its commitment to opening its new store on the outskirts of town in the old Richley’s building at the end of Park Avenue again creating more jobs for local people.

In recent months I have been asking myself does Aberystwyth have a jobs crisis? Based on this latest news it shows that companies are willing to invest in our town, by bringing business and the associated employment that comes with it.

On the surface this would seem to suggest that the downward trend is ending, and that the good times are slowly coming back to Mid Wales and in part this is true.

However, I have been searching for skilled employment within the IT sector in the area for around 9 months now so that I can fulfill my ambition to resettle in the area, and have been unable to find little if any work. So although there are opportunities out their within the retail sector, there is still a distinct lack of skilled work, and even though the town boasts some of the finest and most reveared institutions in Wales, and churns out 100s of highly skilled graduates every single year, the few opportunities this sector of the towns economy does provide are lacking in both scope and variety.

However this is no excuse for not taking the other kinds of work that are available. After all we cannot just expect jobs to arrive on our doorstep, and I would happily take any kind of work on which I could support myself, and am very lucky that I have the job that I currently do. All I am suggesting is that maybe we need to make skilled jobs more available in Aberystwyth, and make it a more attractive proposition to base those jobs here rather than elsewhere.

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