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Aberystwyth Lions

ABERYSTWYTH LIONSServing the local community since 1975, Aberystwyth Lions is a registered charity involved in fund raising.

The funds they raise go to a number of other charities and events, whether they be local or across the world.

The club also takes part in a number of different activities throughout the year, where members get the chance to get to know one another better and bond together.

Always looking for new members, the Aberystwyth Lions has members of both sexes and across a wide range of age groups, and members not only work hard to help other people and organisations but also have plenty of fun too.

The club is part of the larger organisation Lions International, which has over 1.35 million members in over 200 different countries around the world all working to raise funds and help communities.

To find out more about the club, or to get in touch and get involved please visit Aberystwyth Lions website.

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