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Maintenance Staff At University Face Restructuring Woes

Aberystwyth University restructuringNews emerging from the University suggests that its maintenance staff may be facing a substantial cut in pay due to a restructuring programme.

It was also said that maintenance workers at the University of Aberystwyth may be required to reapply for their own jobs as spending is squeezed at the institution.

Although it is not yet confirmed it could be said that the potential announcement would be a bit of a slap in the face for staff.

The University has announced that it will be spending well over £100,000 in order to move the new Vice Chancellor and a number of senior staff to the Penglais Campus visualisation centre from the Old College on the seafront.

It is not known however how much this will save the University if anything in the long run, although it is possible that savings will be made due to the high costs of maintaining the Old College building. It is hoped however that this does not signal the Universities intention to abandon Old College, which is synonymous with the town’s educational institution.

It was also recently revealed that Plas Penglais mansion was the subject of a costly rennovation. The residence owned by the University houses the Vice Chancellor both rent and utility free, and the recent refurbishment cost almost £60,000. In a time where we are all supposed to work together in order to share the austerity burden, even with small gestures aimed at helping one another this unfortunately would appear to show how wide the divide between top and bottom really is.

Let’s hope that in the coming weeks some good news emerges, in order to find a more workable solution for all staff concerned.

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