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Aberystwyth – A Geographical Error

Aberystwyth Aberystwyth. Translated into English it literally means “mouth of the Ystwyth”.

So for those of you familiar with the harbour, have you ever thought it strange that the Ystwyth doesn’t even flow through Aberystwyth, and comes round the back of Pen Dinas.

In fact, it is the river Rheidol which flows magestically through the town and out into the main part of the harbour.

Well suprise suprise, it is we the English that are to blame for this one.

As the story goes, when the English came to Aberystwyth they somehow managed to misinterpret the map they had brought, and confused the two rivers which meet in the harbour.

So, the correct name should in theory be Aberrheidol, but this doesn’t quite sound right to me. I much prefer Aberystwyth, and therefore I don’t think the English are entirely to blame for this one.

In fact, I think our poor attempt at mastering geography should be celebrated. Aberystwyth is much catchier after all…..

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