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Shame Of Mid Wales Fly Tipping

wales fly tippingOut on one of my many walks in the countryside today I was shamed to see the disgusting mess left by fly tippers.

Here in Mid Wales we are blessed with a beautiful environment which is the envy of many people across the UK and the world because much of it is so unspoilt.

Fly tipping is a national problem, but for some reason here it seems so much worse when you see it.

If the man in the black 4×4 had not jumped back into his vehicle and casually driven off when I came round the corner then I would have gladly taken his registration and reported him because he should be ashamed of himself. Unfortunately through the trees and without actually seeing him in the act there wasn’t much I could do, but looking at the rubbish trailing down the hillside to the stream below combined with his eagerness to leave when he saw me it was more than obvious what he had been up to.

The following map shows a small number of hotspots I have noticed in the area, and I would urge anyone who knows of any more trouble spots to send them in by email or by leaving a comment below in order to raise awareness of the problem and make it more difficult for people to get rid of their rubbish illegally by fly tipping in order to save a few pounds. As they come in I will add them to the map, and if you see anything suspicious then I would urge you to report it to the authorities, or I will happily do it for you if you send me details. Keep Mid Wales tidy!

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