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Longs Delays But Traffic Problems Finally Being Fixed

morrisons roundabout roadworks aberystwythNow it might not quite be as bad as Times Square, but Morrisons roundabount in Aberystwyth has been the bane of motorists for many years.

Every morning and evening the lines of traffic back up on all roads leading to and from the area.

Now finally these issues are being addressed as works have started to improve traffic flow in the area.

Readers may recall that some time ago we reported on the plans by the council to widen the approach to the roundabout to in effect create extra lanes to allow for better access for traffic.

Well finally this work has been started and although expected to take a number of weeks to complete, it will hopefully be worth it in the long run.

And as for delays in the roadworks, the company carrying out the works is looking to use temporary lights as sparingly as possible in order to keep traffic flowing for much of the duration.

And I for one can’t wait to see the queues begin to dwindle, although it has for much of my time spent in Aberystwyth shown me the benefits of walking or hopping on the old bike, and even when it’s done I might just continue to do so.

Well, weather permitting of course!

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