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Murder On Trefechan Bridge?

Trefechan Bridge, Aberystwyth Sorry for the alarming title, but motorists going over the bridge at Trefechan today would have been forgiven for thinking that something had gone horribly wrong last night.

Morning drivers on their way over the River Rheidol were greated by the image of the outline of a body, adorned on the road, rather like those on CSI Miami.

Several alarmed people assumed, wrongly as it may be, that a murder had been committed overnight, and that a police investigation has followed, ending in the early hours.

However, local police confirmed that the incident was not being treated as suspicious, and that there was no evidence of murder or foul play.

A council statement issued later in the day confirmed that a line painting lorry, which had been at the junction, was dripping paint. This white paint coincidentally took the form of the outline of a dead body at the junction of Bridge Street and Mill Street, as it dripped onto the road.

Only in Aberystwyth…..

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