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New Fortnightly Bin Collection

ceredigion bin collectionsAfter an 18 month trial in Aberystwyth, a new fortnightly rubbish collection schedule is being implemented across Ceredigion.

The new schedule however will only apply to household waste, with food waste and recycling being taken away on a weekly basis.

The changes will come into force on November 15th of this year.

Ceredigion County Council confirmed that the changes were being made in response to the waste targets which have been set by the Welsh Assembly.

Detailed within these targets are fines for councils who are unable to meet the targets, and Ceredigion County Council said this could be as much as £1.4M by 2020.

Althought Ceredigion has achieved the highest recycling rates in Wales between June 2009 and April 2010, it is estimated that the landfills in the area could be full within the next 5 years.

Although the recycling rate sits at an impressive 34% in Ceredigion at present, improvements are needed in order to reach the 65% target, which the Welsh Assembly Government has set for councils by 2050, based against the current levels of waste going into Welsh landfills across the country as a whole.

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