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Ni Greaduriaid Nwyfus – We Spirited Creatures

Ni Greaduriaid Nwyfus - We Spirited CreaturesIf you haven’t already taken the opportunity to check out this fantastic exhibition, then you’ve still got time!

This ceramics exhibition in Arts Centre Gallery 2 is curated by Stuart Evans with sound art supplied by Anna Evans, and words from Elin ap Hywel

The inspiration for the exhibition is based on the coexistance of humans and animals on earth, along with the shared needs, and how this existence is the cause of great conflict and problems. In no better way can these two conflicting view point be conveyed than the way that we provide shelter and love for many, whilst also using them for food and destroying their homes. There are thousands of ways in which these two coexisting groups interact on a daily basis, many positive and many negative.

The exhibition aims to examine the questions of our relationship with the planet, and the animals whom we share it with. It does this by combining ceramics works with both artefacts and other representations from the human world, and suggesting dialogues between different animal species and between animals and humans.

It is well worth a visit, and best of all it’s free!

The exhibition runs until 21st February 2012 so don’t miss out on your chance to be inspired.

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