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Idiots Ruining North Beach With Glass And Rubbish

Broken Glass North Beach AberystwythDavid Cameron was earlier this week rebuked over calling another MP an idiot in parliament, but we however shall not withdraw the word idiot(s) used in this article to describe the selfish people who have left broken glass and rubbish on Aberystwyth’s North Beach which was recently awarded a Blue Flag for cleanliness.

The recent spell of good weather seems to have brought the problem to a head as more people head for the sea front to enjoy the sun.

Now this is all well and good, and many people whether they be local, students or on holiday respect the beach and appreciate its importance within the town.

However a few idiotic people have of course started to spoil the beach for everyone else, as always seem to be the case in the UK. People have been leaving disposable barbeques, litter and even broken glass on the beach which has even caused injuries to others using the beach.

Aberystwyth’s local surf lifesaving club has seen a number of incidents where members have cut their feet standing on glass which has been left by seafront revellers who would face a fine of up to £2,500 if they were caught leaving their rubbish behind.

The attitude of these disgusting individuals who should have their pictures plastered around town to highlight just how stupid they are was summed up by another surfer and director of Aber Adventures who recently confronted a litter lout on the beach who then “got a bit lippy” with him because he was obviously too lazy and inconsiderate to take his rubbish to the bin.

A novel idea would be to ban people who litter the beach from the beach in future. If you don’t appreciate it then why should you have the privilage of using it? We live in a wonderful place and it pains me to see incidents where people fail to appreciate the fantastic area in which we live.

Many people are quick to blame students in the town, and it is highly likely that a small minority of students are responsible for some of the problem. We have to remember however that the majority of students are not the root of the problem, and this was summed up by one student who was so shocked at the state of the beach she was willing to clean it herself. I am sure that people living in the local area and even visitors are also to blame, and fingers should not be pointed at any one group.

North beach and South beach are both huge assets to the town, and people who fail to take care of them should be refrained from enjoying them until they have learnt to respect them in future.

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