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North Beach

aberystwyth guide North beach in Aberystwyth has crystal clear blue sea lapping at the shore.

The sound of the waves gently washing over the stone is a wonderful thing to wake up to.

Located so close to the town centre, with Constitution Hill towering over the far end, this beach has a great combination of sun and sea, with all the amenities of the town close by, including shops, eating places and public toilets.

Unfortunately the one thing this beach lacks is sand, so don’t be thinking your going to be able to build any sand castles. The beach is made up of a lot of tiny stones and pebbles, which actually attribute to why the water is so much clearer – the waves don’t church up any sand!

Please note that several areas of beach in Aberystwyth are dog free zones, and you should check the signs located on the promenade for more information.

For information on tide tables, please see this link

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