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Mindless Few Deprive Areas Of Much Needed Attention

rubbish new park penparcauThe recent story of people making a mess of a new Penparcau outdoor fitness facility made me feel rather sad.

To me personally it highlights a very serious point; why should funding generated partly from taxes go towards providing fantastic new equipment and facilities to people who just don’t care?

Now straight away the answer is obvious, we do it because those people are in the minority and everyone else shouldn’t be left to suffer.

However sometimes it is very difficult to remember this very important point, because those who do as they please with total disregard for the rest of the community are unfortunately in many cases the people upon whom a community is judged.

After living and working in Liverpool I can say firsthand that the city is a vibrant, cultural or most of all friendly place. But how many of us are guilty of stereotyping ‘scousers’ and the city from which they come?

Unfortunately for Penparcau it is seen by many as a problem area, and acts of selfishness such as this or the throwing of eggs at a Santa Claus charity float over Christmas only seek to reinforce this idea. Although this is not actually the case and Penparcau actually boasts a strong community as does the rest of Aberystwyth the effect on the area and the people who live there in the long term may be a loss of funding and preferential treatment for areas which are seen as showing respect and genuine gratitude for funding and help.

Sometimes it is our poorest and most in need communities which suffer untold consequences because of the minority who shout the loudest whilst living in them. I just hope that the media coverage makes those responsible feel a touch of guilt and shame, and seeks to enforce the realisation that if they weren’t so selfish and thoughtless then the whole community would benefit and we’d all be living in a better place.

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