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Protestors Make Stand Against Wind Farm

wind farms ceredigionPlans to build Wales largest wind farm in Ceredigion have sparked anger amongst many local people.

So much so that around 250 people took to the Cambrian Mountains above Nant Y Moch to voice their concerns over the plans.

Protests were led by local writer and rock climbing enhustiast Jim Perrin, who spoke to the gathering about the importance of protecting the landscape.

The plans would see a total of 64 wind turbines being erected in the Cambrian Mountains, and a number of potential sites in and around the Nant Y Moch area have been earmarked by developers.

Ceredigion already has a number of wind farms, such as the ones close to the villages of Talybont and Trefenter. The area also benefits from the Hydroelectric project in the Rheidol Valley which generates cleaner energy using the power of the river.

However this latest project would such a much larger number of turbines sited in the county than at the previous sites, and whilst they do provide a cleaner energy source for thousands of people many argue that in this number they are a huge blot on the landscape. It would also a large amount of abnormal load traffic passing through the Nant Yr Arian Forestry Commission land which is a very important habitat for a lot of local wildlife including the beautiful Red Kites.

Other alternatives include placing the turbines out at sea, as has been done off the coast of Liverpool, although these can still be seen out to sea as they are not too far from the land.

There are also concerns raised about the levels of noise polution in the area (and if you walk to one of the wind farms in the area you’ll hear what I mean!) and also the maintenance costs, which many people say would be better used to fund energy conservation schemes.

At present wind farms account for around 5% of the UK’s energy production, and in comparison to other methods of power production take up much more space to provide the same levels of power to consumers.

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