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Public Toilets In Aberystwyth

public toilets aberystwythWhy is it that nature always calls at the most inconvenient of times?

And why is it that at this particular moment in time, even the most all knowing of us don’t know where to find the nearest loo?

Well, for just that occasion, here is a guide to the public toilets in Aberystwyth (would we be going too far if we rated them too…?)

Aberystwyth Harbour:

Right at the end of South Promenade, by the harbour car park. SHOW ON MAP.

Aberystwyth Castle:

The old stone building by the childrens play area. SHOW ON MAP.

On The Seafront:

On the opposite side of the road, 150 metres north of the bandstand, and through the alleyway. SHOW ON MAP.

Park Avenue:

Opposite the Park Avenue entrance to the Mill Street car park. SHOW ON MAP.

In The Park:

At the top edge of Aberystwyth cemetary heading towards Llanbadarn Road, take the entrance from the road and carry on through the green gates. SHOW ON MAP.

Bath Street Carpark:

In the portacabin on Bath Street car park. SHOW ON MAP.

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