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Aberystwyth Bids For Purple Flag Status

purple flag status aberystwythIn the coming days Aberystwyth will be attempting to gain purple flag status.

The system which is similar to the blue flags issued to high quality beaches recognises town centres that offer both excellent entertainment and hospitality at night.

A number of majors towns and cities across the UK including Nottingham and Preston have already been awarded the flag, and it is hoped that Aber can do the same.

The awarding of a purple flag not only recognises the town as a safe and vibrant place with a strong night time economy, but also provides status and recognition which it is hoped will attract more visitors who would have previously bypassed places like Aberystwyth because they feel that smaller towns do not offer the same level of entertainment and range of places as bigger cities.

A group of delegates from London will be arriving in the town for a presentation, and will then be observing the town centre from 5pm until 6am in order to assess whether or not the towns bid has been successful.

It has long been recognised by many that Aberystwyth has a very strong night time economy which offers a variety of places to eat and drink whilst taking in various forms of entertainment. However it has to be said that as with all areas of the UK there are always a small minority of people who spoil the atmosphere for the rest of us, as well as local residents within the town centre itself.

The project across the UK hopes to help increase night time expenditure within town centres, whilst reducing crime levels and anti social behaviour whilst promoting a more mixed night time economy to attract other kinds of visitors to a town centre as it is promoted as a safer and more pleasant place to be.

More information on the purple flag scheme can be found on the ACTM website.

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