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Radio Ceredigion Proposes Cut To Welsh Language Output

radio ceredigion logoLocal station Radio Ceredigion owner TCB has submitted proposals to OFCOM to cut the station’s Welsh language output.

The station is currently bilingual, with 20% of its music output also in Welsh.

Supporters of the station have reacted angrily to the proposals saying that TCB is ‘paying lip service’ to its Welsh language listeners.

Town & Country Broadcasting took over the ailing radio station last year after it’s Aberystwyth studio was closed, and ever since then the station has been broadcasting from Narberth in the county.

Last year OFCOM ruled that Radio Ceredigion should broadcast at least 1 hour of Welsh language community programming per day, along with increasing its music output to 30% Welsh language.

In a statement issued by OFCOM, the regulator said that the changes to the stations format could only be made it they met at least one of a total of five criteria set out in the 1990 Broadcasting Act.

There will now be a public consultation about the proposed changes to the station, which are sure to stir up debate on the sanctity of the Welsh language, especially in rural areas of Wales such as Ceredigion.

Although the stations owners have clearly recognised the need for change in order to make the station more commercially viable, can this be achieved in this way. Although not directly expressed it is clear that the thought behind the move is that a predominantly English language station would bring in more listeners, whilst also increasing advertising revenues.

However, a commercial station is run in order to make money, and without this change could Ceredigion be left without a local radio station at all?

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