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prince charles aberystwythThe recent Royal Wedding sparked my memory into life, and brought up this little useless nugget of information for this week!

Did you know…….

Prince Charles used to have his own private section of the beach in Borth, just north of Aberystwyth so that he could go for a quick dip on sunny days.

During his time at University, Charles spent a semester studying at Aberystwyth before becoming the Prince of Wales, and during his leisure time liked nothing more than heading down to Borth, where his entourage would corden off a small area of the beach so that the young Prince could take a swim undisturbed.

So if you think its difficult trying to stroll down the beach at the moment with all those workmen and machines building the sea defences, imagine what it would be like trying to sneak yourself and your dog past Charles’ bodyguards early in a morning.

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