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Aberystwyth Facts Did you know that Britains longest serving prisoner, and most feared inmate, Charles Bronson, is from Aberystwyth?

Well, Tal-Y-Bont to be exact. And if and when he is released he hopes to move back to the area!

His aunt and uncle were also mayor and mayoress of the town in the 60′s and 70′s, and his parents ran the local conservative club on Eastgate Street.

Born Michael Gordon Peterson in 1952, Bronson was imprisoned for 7 years in 1974 after committing armed robbery. By this time he had already left the area for East London.

Developing a reputation within the prison system as a loose cannon, Bronson’s love of using his fists has led to him spending the rest of his life in prison, except for a short 69 day spell in 1988.

Whilst in prison he has been moved over 120 times, married twice, and converted to and then renounced Islam under the name Charles Ali Ahmed.

This local legend of Her Majestys Prison service was also recently the subject of a full length feature film about his life.

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