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We Are First Town In Wales To Receive Purple Flag Status

purple flag status aberystwythFollowing up on a recent article we published telling readers about how Aberystwyth was bidding for Purple Flag status it has now been confirmed that it has been awarded and that Aberystwyth is the first place in Wales to receive Purple Flag status.

The Purple Flag recognises the towns thriving night time economy and provides support in dealing with problems which arise in all towns and cities due to drinking.

The award recognises that Aberystwyth has a varied and overall welcoming night time environment and a low overall crime rate making it a safe place to visit and enjoy yourself.

Towns and cities which have already received the award include Nottingham in the East Midlands. A number of Purple Flag areas have seen benefits from a rise in night time visitors and a reduction in anti social behaviour and new measures and ideas are brought in to tackle the minority who cause problems.

Well done Aberystwyth as this shows what a fantastic place we live in, we should all be proud!

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