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Rheidol Valley

Rheidol Valley The Rheidol Valley is one of the most beautiful places you could ever imagine.

The clear crisp waters of the River Rheidol have carved out a wonderful, tranquil environment great for swimming, walks, picnics and generally relaxing in the Welsh sunshine.

The Rheidol cycle trail also runs up along the valley on its way further inland.

The Rheidol Valley is also the site of a hydro electric damn, which generates electricity used to power the local area. In the valley itself, you will find a visitors centre for the damn, along with interactive exhibits explaining how it all works, and a small cafe. Parking here is free, and it is a good place to start and finish many of the walks available in the Rheidol Valley.

By the damn itself is a lovely picnic area, and a small purpose built garden overlooking the salmon tunnel, which is a great place to sit and enjoy the sound of the falling water.

Further along the valley you will find little in the way of parking. However, if you are lucky enough to find a spot, grab it with both hands, and hold on to it for dear life. Jump out of the car and head on down the the Rheidol falls, as seen in the picture. The deep pools of crystal clear water, are superb places for a swim. You can jump frm the rocks, but check your landing spot below the surface BEFORE you jump. If you fancy yourself as an explorer, why not wade further up the river beyond the falls, to places you can’t reach on land!

But be warned, this water can be very cold!

The water in the rocky channels can be fast flowing, and the rocks get slippy when wet. You should take care when in and around the water, and make sure children are accompanied at all times. If you’re wondering about the old building on the side of the rocks, this used to be a mining area, and there is much evidence of this dotted around Rheidol Valley.

See if you can spot the Red Kites soaring overhead, nesting in the forests lining the steep sides of the valley.

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