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Cash Injection For Rural Wales

rural funding boost for WalesWhether you love it or loathe it, the EU has come up trumps for rural Wales with a much needed grant.

The multi million pound grant, raised in conjunctiuon with the Assembly Government will be split between several areas including Ceredigion.

The grants have been awarded to projects which will improve rural communities and improve services.

In total 79 projects across Wales will benefit, including a number of projects in rural Ceredigion have been awarded £2,803,007 of funding in total.

The projects in Ceredigion will be working towards improving the profitability of small businesses.

There will also be funding allocated to projects which aim to improve rural transport links and the quality of mobile communication links in rural communities within the county.

The biggest recipients of grant money include Carmarthernshire and Conwy who got over £12 million between them to develop their rural communities.

It is hoped that the cash will help to boost tourism across Wales, by not only making rural areas more appealing, but also more accessible to those who wish to visit. Since the recession, many small towns and villages have suffered as a result, with their local economies shrinking in the process leading to many people loosing their jobs or businesses.

However, the need for funding and grants to help revive rural Wales does pose a question. Are we too reliant on tourism in Wales?

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