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Shifting The Aberystwyth Seagulls

Aberystwyth Seagulls Everyone in Aberystwyth accepts that the local gulls can be a bit of a pain.

Whether it’s “putting down a deposit” on your nice new car, getting into your binbags, or just being very noisy, it seems that the seagulls of Aberystwyth cause more than their fair share of mischief around the town.

In the latest attempt to quash the problem, Aberystwyth University has chosen to install several speakers which mimick the calls of distressed seagulls.

It is hoped that these new devices, which will be turned on in September to avoid mothers leaving their young, will be enough to discourage our feathered friends from nesting in on university buildings, and foraging for food in the area.

Seagull attacks have become a regular occurance, with staff, students and visitors being pestered for food, with some gulls even swooping at people.

What do you think of the university plans to disperse the gulls? Have you got a different idea? Have your say below…

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