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Strata Florida Abbey

Strata Florida Valley Strata Florida Abbey,

Ystrad Fflur,


SY25 6

Tel: 01974 831261‎

Site Open All Year Round. Shop/Exhibition In Summer Months

This rural Welsh abbey took approximately 90 years to build. Finished around the year 1270, the abbey’s remains stand near the remote village of Ystrad Fflur.

Unfortunately for the Abbey’s creators, it did not take long for the abbey to be ravaged by weather and war, with this once mighty abbey being struck by lightning.

However, the imposing western doorway, and mighty pillars of stone really give a good impression of how grand this building once would have once been.

There are also some well preserved original decorative tiles from the abbey on show, which have managed to survive many hundreds of years.

Please note that an admission fee is charged between May and October, when the museum and shop are open.

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