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The Sunken Forest

Borth Located at Borth, the sunken forest can be seen during the exceptionally low tides in the spring months.

Carbon dating experiments have placed the remains of the forest as dating from around 1500BC, although a 2010 BBC documentary suggests this could be extended back another 1500 years to 3000BC.

The remains of the forest come from a time when the earths’ temperature was warming, and what used to be thick forest was submerged by the sea that we now see today.

The petrified wood has been preserved by the anaerobic conditions created by the peat in the local environment, which has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The original forest would have consisted of Oak, Hazel, Pine, Birch and Willow trees.

Superb photographs of the sunken forest at low tide can be found here.

Local legend has it that humans once inhabited a rich kingdom on the land between Bardsey Island to the north and Ramsey Island to the south, which is now covered by the seas of Cardigan Bay. Although deemed to be a myth derised from local folk law relating to distant memories of the end of the ice age, a Welsh scholar, William Owen Pughe, did report seeing sunken homes only a few thousand metres from the coastline, between Aberystwyth and Cardigan. has guides on how to reach Borth on foot, by bus or by train

[googleMap name="Borth" description="Borth" width="500" height="350"]Borth, Dyfed, SY24[/googleMap]

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