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Aberystwyth Technium To Close

technium aberystwythWith an occupancy rate of just 40% Aberystwyth Technium is due to close.

The Technium, which is located at the Y Lanfa Marina is due to be empty within the coming months.

It is one of 6 technium centers ear marked for closure throughout Wales. There are 10 centres in total.

The centres were set up by the Welsh Assembly Government in order to provide affordable office accommodation for science and technology businesses across Wales.

Support staff at the Aberystwyth Centre have pledged their support to the seven local businesses who will need to find new office space in the coming months, and are on hand to offer as much support as possible.

There is uncertainty surrounding the future of the modern office building, and it is not yet known if the centre will be sold off or left vacant.

The Welsh Assembly Government has pledged its continued support to businesses in the science and technology sector, and is looking to invest in a new and more cost effective scheme in order to support these Welsh businesses in the near future.

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