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Television Researcher Required

Television researcher aberystwyth An interesting new position from GoWales for a television researcher based in Aberystwyth is now availlable.

The position is only temporary, but has been described as an excellent opportunity for those seeking experience in the television and media sector.

Graduates have also been encouraged to apply.

The sucessful candidate must either speak, or be willing to learn Welsh. You will also be able to work well with MS Office and Photoshop.

You will be getting stuck in at the deep end, involving yourself in all the logistical and scheduling aspects of a filming project for an Aberystwyth based company.

Although temporary, the placement is paid at a rate of £6.67 per hour, and you will be doing full working weeks.

Even better than the money however, is the chance to have your name in the credits for any of the productions and programmes that you become involved in.

For more information please click here

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