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Top 5 Aberystwyth University Myths

aberystwyth factsAberystwyth University is a legendary place.

There are plenty of opinions and stories about Aberystwyth University, and it’s easy to take them at face value.

So we thought we’d debunk some of those stories you might have heard….

1. Penbryn is the worst student residence to live in:

Although Penbryn is by far and away the most “under decorated” hall at Aberystwyth University, with kitchens small enough to give you trouble when swinging a mouse, never mind a cat, its is by no means a bad place to live. What you’ll actually find is that most of the students holed up in Penbryn keep each others spirits up with plenty of fun, frolics and strong drink, making it one of the best halls to be in (although they’re all good!).

Mind you, I did once hear a rumour that it was voted the 4th worst set of halls in the country….

2. Someone died falling out of a Brynderw window:

Again, not quite true. Yes, some unfortunate soul did manage to fall out of a 4th floor window. And if you’ve been to Brynderw, i’m sure you’ll have noticed the distinct lack of soft landings at the front of the building. Luckily with some help, she was ok.

However, recreating this is thankfully now very difficult as restrictions have now been placed on the high windows, which means you can’t fully open them.

3 The train journey home is always terrible:

Yes it’s true. Aberystwyth is in the middle of nowhere in terms of motorways. And i’m sure you’ve heard from plenty of people that the train is always a nightmare.

Well, i’ll level with you. I was only ever delayed once on the train (and it was my fault because I had the wrong train times for connections!). The only real complaint is it takes 2 hours to reach Shrewsbury, which is your gateway to the wider world!

But then again, as I bought a very ‘reliable’ car I never needed to get the train in the middle of winter when leaves on the line cause the Arriva to surrender quicker than the French in a battle.

So, in summary, the train is fine. But beware the replacement bus!

4. Comedy Works isn’t worth the queuing.

I know a tiny number of people who have said this. And it is true that, with comedy works being so popular, you can be waiting to get in for the best part of an hour to get in.

But what you’ll find is that the people who tell you this were invariably the ones who drank themselves to the point where they missed half the show because they couldn ‘t stop visiting the toilet!

I can honestly say, that for £3 a time, and with cheap beer on tap, I have never had a better value night out than this.

And the chance to see some rising stars like Jared Christmas (of 8 Out Of 10 Cats fame) made it even better value for money…

For a chance to win free tickets for the first 2010 – 11 semester click here to find out more details!

5. It takes half a day to do your washing

If on your open day, you had the pleasure of visiting the washing room facilities in the various block on Aberystwyth University campus, then you’ll have probably worked out the ratio of washing machines to students isn’t all that great.

But, a little known secret, a gift to you from my 3 years of experience. The best washing time is early afternoon Friday, when a lot of the students are going home for the weekend….. (either that or any evening after 7o’clock!)

Or you could do what I did one weekend and save your money by buying some Daz and using the bath in your flat and a large spoon…. My room smelt of damp clothes for weeks.

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  • Wigan-Stu says:

    Some nice things to know, thanks for sharing! Looks like i’ll be looking for a car share in winter then!

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