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One Development Derails As Another Begins

transport gatewayA developer is being sought for a major scheme in Aberystwyth town centre.

The council has identified the Bath Street car park and Bay Hotel as a site with great potential.

In the near future it is expected that the council will release a brief to let all interested parties know what kind of development they are looking for on the site.

It is however a potential concern to both residents and visitors to the area that the council may build on a car park in a town which is notorious for its parking problems.

On the other side of the coin however, the former Bay Hotel has been unoccupied for a number of years and in recent times had become somewhat of a blot on the promenade landscape.

However a much publicised development to create a transport gateway outside the town’s train station is in danger of being de-railed after it arose that the council does not actually own a part of the land it wishes to develop on.

The scheme was going to pedestrianise the front of the station outside the entrance to Alexandra Road whilst also linking it to the revamped bus station next door. The area directly outside the station however belongs to pub chain JD Weatherspoon who also occupy the building.

The council has of yet not reached a deal to purchase the land, leaving this part of the scheme in the balance at present. However it is hoped that something can be done to overcome this, as the scheme may look a touch incomplete if this section is left as is.

Questions have also been asked about whether or not the council should have applied for planning permission for the whole transport gateway redevelopment.

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