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University Attempts Microtransat Challenge

Microtransat Challenge As I found out in my first year of university, the Aberystwyth computer science department loves a challenge.

And with this in mind, we are pleased to inform you who are familiar with the department, that Dr Mark Neal has not given up on his quest for floating robotic fame as he is this years only entry in the Microtransat competition.

This years boat, Pinta has been crafted from the finest ‘cheap’ and ’2nd hand’ part available, along with a childs dinghy and Dr Neal’s optimism is high.

He has already been quoted as saying that he ‘does not think pinta will succeed’. This has been put down the the poo weather conditions which are currently lying off the coast.

However, should Pinta succeed it will be an epic 3 month journey using GPS signals to guide it all the way to the Carribean.

I don’t think I ever remember Dr Neal mentioning previous successes. However, I did enjoy his lectures………..

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