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New £6.8 Million Research Centre Opens To Develop New Plants And Crops

Aberystwyth University Phenomics CentreEarlier this week the university officially opened its new Phenomics Centre which has cost a total of £6.8 Million.

The centre is said to include the UK’s most advanced research greenhouse, which is believed to be only one of seven of it’s kind in the world.

A number of exciting new avenues of research will now be taking place through Aberystwyth University at its new state of the art facility.

The new research will be looking into creating new types of plants which will be able to help combat the effects of climate change across the globe. The rapid increase in the human population coupled with water shortages in many areas is presenting new challenges to the global community and it is hoped that research will lead to the creating of new plants and crops which can withstand the changing conditions.

Start of the art equipment will allow researches to identify beneficial genes in plants by speeding up and monitoring the growth process of plants and crops under carefully monitored conditions.

Later this year the university will also be opening its new £5.6 million research centre on its Penglais Campus on top of this new facility at IBERS, which will take the total spend to a whopping great £12.4 million on the two new facilities. This however will complete a 4 year overall project which has cost £25 million (so it’s a good job tuition fees have gone up!) but will place the university at the forefront of vital new research which will be of benefit to many people across the world.

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