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A Free University In Aberystwyth?

aber students against the cutsA free university education is something you’d be mad to miss out on these days.

In fact, its not even something you would expect to get any more in the UK.

However, being somewhat of an exception to many rules of thumb, you can right now in Aberystwyth!

A student action group, known as ‘Aber Students Against The Cuts’ have been occupying a lecture room on Penglais campus at the university since Monday.

The students have been offering a ‘teach-in’ protest to students, lecturers and members of the public, using their limited space to provide a free education service to all those who wish to attend. There have also been a number of workshops and seminars on offer.

Around 20 people have slept in the lecture theatre over night, and around 50 people have been in full daytime attendance.

The group has also collected over 1,500 signatures during a petition against the proposed cuts to university funding by the UK government. They have also called for the backing of the university and its vice chancellor, as a united voice opposed to budget cuts in the education sector. However, the university has yet to comment specifically on this issue, although it has stated that it supports the students right to protest and have their voices heard.

The group has said that protests will continue, and that it is committed to not disturbing any other lectures or planned events in the process.

Although student anger is understandable, as a vote has already been passed in parliament the protest may unfortunately be somewhat in vain. However, do you think that the university should speak out on behalf of the students in its opposition to the cuts? Let us know what you think below…

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