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University Reveals Reorganisation Plans At Exam Time

Aberystwyth University Reorganisation PlansPlans to abolish the three present faculties in an attempt at reorganisation have been released by Aberystwyth University during exam time.

The controversial plans would see the creation of seven seperate institutes within the university as opposed to the 17 departments operating at present within the three faculty system.

Six consultation sessions have been set up but these are spread across the exam period and after the end of the semester when most students have left for the summer break.

The official document released by the university was written by Vice Chancellor April Macmahon who cited a number of reasons for the new proposals which of course included a lack of available funds to continue with the system as it stands at present.

This coupled with the citing of overlapping responsibilities and duplication across departments was more than just a hint at potential job losses for staff. The proposals have been slammed by AberUCU and student groups, although the university head insists they must make changes.

Other reasons cited for the need for change include a lack of opportunties for support staff to gain vital experience and promotion along with a massive disparity in size between university departments.

The seven new institutes would be as follows (as listed in The Courier student newspaper):

1. IBERS (no change)
2. Psychology and Sport and Exercise Science (with the working title ‘Institute of Human Sciences’)
3. IMAPS and Computer Science
4. IGES, International Politics, and History and Welsh History
5. Law and Criminology, SMB, and DIS
6. Theatre, Film and Television Studies, English and Creative Writing, the School of Art, Welsh (and the Arts Centre)
7. SELL, European Languages (and the International English Centre)

Although no time frame has been confirmed it is expected that changes will have been made and institutes operational in time for the 2013-14 academic year, although the full implications of reorganisation at Aberystwyth University are yet to be known in truth, although reorganisation has become a politically correct way of saying redundancy is recent years.

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