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Aberystwyth University Votes In Favour Of £9K Fees

OLD UNIVERSITY IN WALESAberystwyth has become the first Welsh university to vote in favour of £9K fees.

The fees would be charged to UK students from outside of Wales.

The new fees would come into place as of September 2012 and would go a long way to closing the funding gap left behind by government cuts in the HE sector.

The university has a high proportion of students who would be elidgible to pay the higher level fees, and it remains unseen as to whether or not this would affect student numbers in the town, which would have a knock on effect on the local economy.

The students union in the town has expressed its disappointment at the universities decision, although it has also said that it appreciated that bursaries and grants were being made as widely available as possible in order to help those students who need it most.

The plans for higher fees have now been put to the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales who will have the final say on the fees that can be charged in Wales to students from the rest of the UK.

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