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Velodrome Bid Gathering Pace

Aberystwyth Velodrome PETITION LinkThis week it was announced that a number of local sporting organisations have joined together to push through a bid for a £2 million velodrome to be built in Aberystwyth.

Members of the Ystwyth Cycling Club, Athletics Club and Harriers have come together to raise support for the plans which were previously sidelined due to a lack of available funding.

The organisers of the bid hope to capitalise on the Olympics later this year in order to create a sporting venue which would be unrivalled in Wales, attracting sports fans to the area and boosting the local economy too.

The velodrome arena would be build on playing fields by Ysgol Penweddig which according to campaigners are rarely used at present. At present many sports clubs in the town are forced to use roads for running and cycling and an all weather track would not only provide them with new facilities, the nearest of which are currently over 50 miles away, but may also help to increase participation as it provides a dedicated venue for training and events.

If you add into the mix the town’s status as a regeneration area it is hoped that this will put enough weight behind the bid to push on ahead with plans. An online petition has also been set up and supporters of the plans are asked to sign to show their support to bring a major sporting venue to Aberystwyth for the benefit of the whole area!

If you would like to sign the petition or find out more you can go online to

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