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Aberystwyth Voted 8th Best Student Experience In UK

Aberystwyth University Student SatisfactionAfter being voted number one for student experience in the UK (and possibly the world according to further surverys) only a few years ago Aberystwyth has come just 8th in this years rankings just released today.

The independent study carried out by the times on a yearly basis saw Aberystwyth voted number 1 which led to a surge in admissions in recent times amongst other factors.

This year however the university placed behind institutions such as Loughborough, Sheffield and winners Dundee in Scotland.

It is however a slight improvement on last years results where Aberystwyth came ninth overall. The big question is does todays result provide evidence that Aberystwyth is slipping in terms of its provision for its students? Or are students simply more worried about the high tuition fees and overall value of a university education in real terms.

One thing that is certain however is that it is still to easy achievement to make it in to the top ten rankings several years on the run, although with thousands of new undergraduates arriving at universities across the UK every year you could also argue that an average of 200 – 300 responses per institution is hardly representitive.

With funding cuts biting many universities and higher tuition fees causing a drop in overall university student numbers is Scotland and its native population going to benefit from their right to free education? Or without the access to tuition fees to top up dwindling government funds will Scottish Universities like Dundee only see a short lived success in these kinds of poles?

We’d love to know what you think about this as a student, lecturer or just a reader with a view so please let us know using the comment form below!

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