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Wales Coldest Ever Night

Llysdinam temperatureDrive inland from Aberystwyth for an hour and round the Elan Valley and you’ll probably pass through the unassuming village of Llysdinam.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was just another quaint Powys village.

However, what you didn’t probably know is that it now holds the record as the coldest ever place in Wales in the month of November!

During this current cold snap, on the night of the 27th of November the temperature hit a record low of -17.3 degrees Celsius, which was also the coldest temperature recorded in the UK in November since 1985.

In fact, Wales has bore much of the brunt of this cold weather front seeing thick snow, and sheets of black ice. The weather has been so bad that police and the UK Met Office have issued warnings to drivers not to take out the car unless it is really necessary.

And Aberystwyth has not been any exception to the rule, seeing snow and ice cover the town and the surrounding outlying villages and making conditions treacherous.

We want to know how you’re surviving the cold weather. Are you staying indoors, or wrapping up warm and hitting the slopes with a sledge?

But I think it’s safe to say that if anyone was unsure about investing in that extra layer of insulation for the loft, or double glazing for the bedroom windows, then this weather will most probably have caused you to think again.

However, when you’re sat there wrapped up in 8 layers of clothing, drinking a luke warm cup of tea whilst complaining about the terrible cold weather, spare a thought for the poor villagers of Llysdinam, who have officially lived through the coldest November night since Welsh records began.

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