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Welsh Plan To Reintroduce Beavers Centres On Ceredigion

welsh beaver projectA pair of European beavers are to be introduced to their new home in Artists Valley in Ceredigion.

Beavers have not been seen in Wales since the 12th century, and this ambitious project is hoping to bring them back to the wilds of Wales.

The project is being part funded by the National Lottery, who are helping to pay for the enclosure.

A viewing area for visitors will also be built in order to allow people to come and see the beavers.

The project is being run by the Ceredigion based Wales Wild Land Foundation who will be monitoring the beavers in their new home to see if it will be feasible to reintroduce them into the wil, or if they will have to kept in purpose built habitats.

Beavers were hunted to extinction across the UK by the 1600s, although successful reintroduction plans have been put in place in Scotland in the past few years.

The beavers are set to be the second most famous residents of Artists Valley, after the Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant who owns a farm estate in the beauty spot between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth.

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