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Football Tournaments Exodus To The Big City

welsh international super cupOnce again the lure of the big city has caused serious damage to our rural economy in Aber…

The Welsh International Super Cup, a football tournament hosted in the town for 26 years has announced it is to move to Cardiff this year.

The tournament, which brings thousands of pounds into the local economy each year sited financial reasons for the move.

Originally known as the Ian Rush Tournament, the annual football event has brought in teams and spectators from 17 countries world wide, and amongst the famous names to compete over the years include Michael Owen in his days as a youth player. Others also included Ukranian international Andriy Shevchenko and Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler.

The teams themselves have always been housed in the halls at Aberystwyth University, with the thousands of spectators that accompany them providing a yearly windfall for local hotels, guest houses and B&B’s. And it is not only these businesses that will lose out, but also local shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants which saw an increase in trade during the week.

However it would appear that after 26 years of strong local support for the tournament, the lure of larger and more lucrative sponsorship deals in the Welsh capital have proved too much for the town to compete with.

Local business groups have already described this as a huge loss to the local economy, and many people will feel saddened that the support they have shown to this excellent event has been disregarded by organisers for the sake of money.

With there already being much focus on the exodus of people from rural areas in the UK to bigger towns and cities, and the difficulties faced by small town economies in these tough times, surely there is something that can be done to keep this much needed and much loved event in our town, and not just for the sake of the local economy?

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