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Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

photography exhibition aberystwythFrom the 13th of November 2010 to 9th January 2011, the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year exhibtion will be coming to Aberystwyth.

The exhibtion will be showcased in Gallery 2 at the Arts Centre, and entry is free.

The exhibition comes to town courtesy of the National History Museum and the BBC Wildlife Magazine.

The exbition itself will be focusing on some of the finest, and at times most creative phothgraphs of our natural world, and some of the entries are truly astounding.

The photographs on exhibit in Aberystwyth were hand picked from a total of 43,135 submissions, which have come in from a total of 94 different countries around the world.

This particular exhibition sees a large increase in entries from certain countries, including China and Russia along with world firsts as photographers from countries as far away as Bangladesh, Qatar, Bahrain, and Guatemala send in their first ever entries.

The final mix of wildlife snapshots provide a breath taking view of the wide ranging environments and habitats in our wonderful world, and bring the power of photography to the forefront of your mind.

This is an exhibition not to be missed, whether you are a photography buff or not!

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