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5 Bad Things About Aberystwyth

aberystwyth bad weatherSome people just have absolutely nothing nice to say about anything or anyone.

Being no exception to the rule, I’m sure plenty of people have told you some pretty awful things about Aberystwyth too…

So we thought we’d take the most popular complaints…. and offer a few solutions too!

1. It Rains All The Time:

Now it might be true to say that Aberystwyth gets more than its fair share of rain. In fact in 2006 Aberystwyth’s average monthly rainfall was approximately 89mm which works out at about 2.9mm per day throughout the year. However, Aberystwyth is a country mile off being one of the wettest place in Britain. Dalness in Scotland recieves a staggering average of 3.3 metres of rain a year! In fact the only place in Wales to make it into the Top 10 wettest places in the UK is Capel Curig in Gwynedd, near Betws-Y-Coed. And what’s wrong with a bit of rain anyway? Have you never heard of an umberella?

When you average temperature in summer sits at around 19 – 20 degrees celsius it makes Aberystwyth the perfect destination for people who want to relax on the beach, get involved in physical activities or just soak up some well earned sunshine.

And if it rains, the best thing to do is get out there and live with it. Pull on some water proofs, grab a brolly and just enjoy being here!

2. There Aren’t Many Jobs:

Again, plenty of people acknowledge that Aberystwyth has not faired well in the recession. The towns economy is heavily reliant upon tourism, and when that dips, it causes problems for local businesses. Obviously, when business dies down, less people are hiring and more people struggle to find work. However, just like the economy in Aberystwyth, work can be seasonal here too. There are plenty of opportunties to work at the various holiday parks and hotels during busy periods, which also coincide with when the students are on their summer holidays!

I’ll be honest, you won’t be coming to Aberystwyth for opportunities with huge blue chip companies but you will be able to find work. And if you’re struggling, then come up with your own ideas and throw caution to the wind! When recession hits, it opens up opportunities for those with solid ideas to step forward and offer something bold, innovative and new. If you believe in what you’re doing, and do your research you can and will make money!

And for those of you that are a bit more cautious, there is always our jobs section.

3. There Is No Way Out:

Yes, it is true that all those wishing to visit by train will have to wait two hours between trains, and that they will all have to get connections somewhere in the West Midlands in order to get on the one and only train line that meanders its way down to the Mid Wales coast. However, just because there is only one train every two hours, this does not make the place inaccessible! Even when the line floods, the train companies provide a replacement bus, and even though this may increase your journey time by 2 hours, it gets you in and out of the town!

You’ll find that most people who haven’t been able to leave have actually been captivated by the place itself, the blue seas and skies, the Cambrian mountains and the charm of Aberystwyth and have therefore not been trapped by a lack of public transport and poor roads. In fact, rather than worrying about the two hour wait between trains you should be worrying about why your own life isn’t laid back enough to allow you an extra two hours in your schedule to enjoy this wonderful place!

Find out more about train and bus travel, including timetables here.

4. There’s Too Much Drinking Going On:

It is true that Aberystwyth has a reputation for an excellent night on the tiles. With a huge number of pubs all with their own distinctive charms and colourful regulars offer late night revellers a huge choice of places to go. Of course this has led to a minority of people spoiling it for the rest of us, by drinking too much and becoming involved in anti social behaviour. However, rumours of the town centre being a no go zone at night are completely untrue. There are plenty of friendly people out and about, ready to chat and make you feel welcome in the town.

In 2005 the council designated the whole of the town centre an alcohol free zone, and gave the local police the power to confiscate any alcohol being drank on the streets of Aberystwyth. In turn, there was a huge drop in the levels of anti social behaviour which had been seen in the previous two years, and the alcohol free zone in Aberystwyth is still having a great effect to this day, and is potentially being extended in the near future. As such, levels of anti social behaviour remain relatively low compared with national figures.

Remember that most people who go on a night out in Aberystwyth are purely looking to have a good time, and that trouble makers are few and far between and will; be dealt with by the local police and door men. The town is nothing like any of the major towns and cities up and down the UK.

Find out how we shape up against the Welsh national average here.

5. You Get Cabin Fever:

If you’ve looked on a map, you will have noticed that Aberystwyth is quite a way from the major towns and cities in the UK. Whilst this is the attraction of the town for many people, it also gives some people a sense of being trapped miles from civilisation. However, you can easily jump on a bus to Carmarthern, Swansea and Cardiff. You can also get on the train and head for Shrewsbury and Birmingham to the east, and you’ll be there in a few hour at most.

It is easy to feel trapped in a place like this, however most people don’t realise how many things there are to do right on your door step in Aberystwyth, from getting involved in local clubs and societies to going on walks and visiting all the wonderful beauty spots and places of interest that are all within easy reach of the town. For a range of ways to keep busy in Aberstwyth, see our growing guide.

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