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Emergency Services

emergency services Aberystwyth and Ceredigion have one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of the UK. Let’s be honest, Aberystwyth is a pretty safe place to live!

However there is of course always a need for emergency services in any area, and as such Aberystwyth is well covered.

Many outlying areas also have their own local level emergency services, although most main bases are in the town itself.

Bronglais Hospital
Tel: 01970 623131

Please note that you can also contact NHS Direct which offers a 24 hour non emergency medical advice service. For all calls to NHS Direct, please phone 0845 46 47

Tel: 0370 6060699

Tel: 0845 330 2000

RNLI Aberystwyth
Tel: 01970 612478

RNLI Borth
Tel: 01970 871746

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